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I had some squealing noise during my 2nd session at NJMP Lightning this event and had to pit in. There was a loud noise coming from the rear..I assumed that my brake pads were toast

Having jacked up the car..turns out it was the heat shield behind the rotor bending into it. We used a screw driver and pushed it away from the rotor and voila...problem solved.

Wonder if you have the same issue...

Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
On my last run, I had forgotten to disable traction control until about 2 laps in. Around that time (maybe after another lap?) I started hearing a whining noise in the corners. At first, I wasn't sure if it was coming from my car, but it did seem to be coming from the rear. I wasn't on the brakes during at least most of the time I heard it.

Since I started to hear it more and more, I got concerned and pitted in. That was my last session for the day.

Is it possible that traction control overheated the rear (stock) pads and I was getting some dragging, even when I was no longer on the brakes?

I also wonder if it could have been the rear diff, since it was always in the turns.

I have not heard any strange noises since that time, and there's plenty of material left on my pads.