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Originally Posted by besiktas View Post
I was in NJMP Lightning on saturday. bone stock car. 20 min sessions and brand new OEM front rotors and brake pads with 500 light miles on them.
I went on the track and the first session was raining so didnt even push it then in the other 3 session, as it dried up, i went faster but i was still gentle on the brakes. I felt like the pads were not biting the entire day and i dont think i was driving hard enough to boil the brake fluid.
Anyway, at the end of the day, there was a huge layer of brake dust on my front wheels. (much more than the 2 hrs i spent on VIR). On my service info screen, the lifetime of my pads went from 28k to 17k miles.
Is there like a brake in period that i wasnt aware? what happened to them, just fell apart? Were they faulty parts?
Nothing happened, except that you wore your pads down a bit. The decline in remaining life on the Condition Based Service indicator is based on how hard you were braking and how many times. Your computer thinks you work the pads down about 35%, and the heavy layer of brake dust confirms you wore them some, although perhaps not as much as 35%. If you had your stability control on "normal" you would have worn them a lot even if you didn't brake hard - the DSC uses them to keep the car on the road. If you set DSC to Sport, your brakes will last a lot longer.