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Originally Posted by Geauxkart View Post
Yup! Using the standard cheap HF aluminum race jack... Z4M Coupe
1 - Raise one side of the car, rear side jacking point. Insert front jack stand, same side - it will go in.
2 - Repeat on side 2
3- Front end is in the air now, jack the rear center point, and place rear jack stands. Make sure when jacking the rear center point that the jack rolls smoothly backwards, or you could tip the front stands - maybe - I didn't try too hard.
4 - If more front clearance is required, jack the front center point, and raise both jack stands in the front.

Wiggle the car, and make sure it's solid before hopping under there. 5 minutes and seems pretty repeatable.
Where is the rear central jacking point? I never found mine..