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Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
Yes, this was also a factor...but, I've had this happen before so it didn't bother me too much really.
Why? I would have asked for my 6 cents back and stiffed. That's what me and my husband did when a waiter once shorted me and my husband 31 cents. One waiter one time kept 31 cents change and only gave me back a 5 dollar bill from a check that was $34.69 that I paid with (2) 20 dollar gift certificates. So instead of letting him have a tip of 31 cents, I decided to get it back to get him back. I reported it to the manager as well. So he got NO cents and had to make an extra trip to get the cents. What a lazy, ENTITLED asshole that waiter was.

I don't get why you didn't question him about it? I don't care if it's only 6 cents, it's *YOUR* money, NOT his. It's the PRINCIPLE of it that he STOLE, NOT the AMOUNT. If I would have a server short me one penny, I'd make sure they get stiffed. It's all about doing what is morally right and EARNING your tip.

I still say you should have told the waiter what you wanted. He could have kept the other $20. That happened to me once when I gave too much(I had been drinking) when I bought a daiquiri. It is a natural assumption you give that much over, that should mean tip since the other $20 doesn't need to be given for a $19.44 transaction. So honestly you are lucky the waiter didn't just not return any change by assuming it was all his. It doesn't make it right, but it IS a natural assumption though as to WHY would someone give THAT MUCH OVER unless it was on purpose that you wanted the person to keep it?

If you want one dollar bills, *YOU* should speak up. There are no mind readers in this world. Probably he did do it to get a higher tip, because that's how servers make money is so you feel well you don't have one's, he would have gotten a $5 tip at least, which is a pretty high tip for not even $20.

I wouldn't have been mad about that at all that the server didn't give me one's. That server isn't going to unless you ask. A good example, another time I bought a daiquiri, I was supposed to get back $5 back, they gave me 5 one dollar bills, why, because they know they aren't going to get $5 for one drink, so it's because they want a tip. You will have another customer complain he needs one dollar bills to tip with, so you can't win. The only thing you can do as a customer is to speak up or the server or bartender can ask you.

In your example, you should have told the waiter what you wanted since it was a huge amount of change you wanted broken, not just $5 of change, you wanted $20 of change broken, which is a lot on a $19.44 check.

Next time, steal back the tip they stole from you and report the waiter for stealing so he can be stopped or hopefully get FIRED for theft. It's all worth it in the end so this doesn't happen again to you or to others and to show the entitled jerks they can't just tip themselves part of *YOUR* money. Next time wait for the 6 cents. It is SOOO WORTH it to show the bastards that they can't steal.