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Only problem with the jack under the front mount is that you need to loosen the undertray to change the x-pipe. I leave the bolts up front under the felt below the bumper intact, but remove the other 5.

Even low ramps would help, like the EZ Lift (you can make these out of lumber). A fairly long access ramp is required if you do the lumber version, but you can hinge them. Not something easy to lug in and out of the basement, but maybe you could put them on removeable rollers.

If you buy two nice heavy duty floor jacks, you can lift the car at the diff and the front mount to about 20 inches and then put jack stands (ideally with adapters on top and the little hockey puck with rectangle adapters to the rocker panel plastic mounts) under the car. Just be careful because the car moves position as one end or side is raised and you can pull it off the jackstands at the other end when you lower it if you are not within the acceptable range of movement. In contrast, jacks roll as you raise and lower the car -- jackstands do not roll.

A 4 inch pad is sufficient for most lifts if you decide to go that way.