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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
I thought I would post this up.

My OEM rotors have done enough mileage (20K) to be close to replacing, based on previous changes. Being out of warranty, I bought a digital brake measuring caliper to check my rotor thickness. In two days at NJMP in the advanced group, 4 x 25 minute sessions, plus about 1.5K normal driving, I used 0.1 mm of brake rotor with PFC-01 pads. The right front rotor was at ~29.00, and now it is at ~28.90 (28.4 is the minimum thickness). The left rotor is more warn than the right, not surprisingly, by about 0.1mm difference. The measurements were consistent at the outer, middle and inside measuring at 8 locations (every two drilled lines).

The rotors are 30mm out of the box.

PS The car passed 066666 last night on the way home.... The new M3 can't come soon enough. I think I will pass on the Lime Rock Special Edition E92
Good info for comparison--thanks for posting. I'm on my original rotors from my StopTech ST60/ST40 BBK. They've seen 16,000 miles, about 20 track days, two sets of StopTech Street Performance pads, and have used up half of the material on a set of Pagid RS29s. Since I change my tires for the track and have access to the rotors, I decided like you to get a quality digital caliper to measure rotor thickness routinely. The fronts started at 35 mm and are now at 34.1-34.2 mm. StopTech recommends replacing them after 2 mm of wear, so at 33 mm.

As far as the Lime Rock Special Edition goes, I think BMW missed the boat by releasing it in fire orange instead of lime green. If it were green with black wheels and accents, a la 997.1 GT3 RS, I'd be all over it. Oh, yes, and if they would equip it with coilovers, proper brakes, a half-cage or rollbar, CF fixed shell seats, harness mounts, and strip 400-500 lbs out of the car...

Glad to see you'll be ordering the next-gen M3. Schroth has been waiting for you to sell your E90 so they can finally release the QuickFit Pros.

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