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Just want to say thanks to everyone on this forum! I did my upgrade today using USB everything worked great. Took about 40min. I only had 1 USB stick - 32GB USB stick so there's some downtime copying disc-2 and 3 from the computer. I pretty much followed the instruction that other members have posted.
  1. Download the ISOs
  2. Check the MD5 values to make sure its not corrupted
  3. Extract the ISOs on computer
  4. Copy Disc 1 content into USB Stick's root directory. (someone posted full content of PKGDB, so scroll a couple pages back if you want to check)
    • 1 File - Config.nfm
    • 1 Folder - pkgdb
  5. Turn car on
  6. Stick memory stick into glove compartment's USB port
  7. After a few sec (less then a minute) the car will recognize and ask if you want to update
  8. Click yes and enter the code
  9. When its done copying disc one, it will ask for disc 2, do the same as step 4. If you have a couple flash drives this will speed it up. If not you'll have to delete the disc 1 files and copy disc 2 files into your flash drive.
  10. Same for disc 3
  11. Nav update complete. I had to reboot a couple times to get the version to show up. At first it was just blank. I haven't driven the car yet, so not sure what has changed.

I got the code from Sergej @ *****************
He's super fast with the response and code so def two thumbs up.

Special thanks to Kmarei for hosting the file and special thanks to whoever provided the DVD! You guys are awesome.