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Originally Posted by Springs1 View Post
Did you realize he STOLE 6 cents from you? You said he only returned $20 and 50 cents, but he owed you 56 cents, did you realize he SHORTED YOU? WHY did you tip him at ALL just for that, huh?

Also, it's *YOUR* RESPONSIBILITY to tell the server if you want one dollar bills. Sure the server could have asked, but they are just guessing what you want. I would have stiffed the server over the 6 cents they stole on PURPOSE, because they were TOO LAZY to get more change from the bar or bring more on them or even short themselves if they didn't have any nickles or a pennies.

$40 -19.44 = $20.56 He only gave you $20.50.
Yes, this was also a factor...but, I've had this happen before so it didn't bother me too much really.