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Hey guys,

Just created an account here to answer any questions about the car. We appreciate the kind remarks, and really dig how the BMW community has treated this project. I'll try to keep checking back throughout the day.

A couple of quick unanswered questions... The range is about 140 miles if you're just driving it like a normal street car. Under race conditions, our preliminary testing indicates we'll get about 40 miles. Pikes Peak is uphill so it will be less than that.

The transmission is a 2 speed Powerglide, like those used in drag racing and circle track. We use an external electric pump to keep pressure in the trans when the motor isn't running so it stays engaged at a dead stop.

The weight is about 400 pounds more than a stock M3, but with a continuous stream of battery improvements, this should fall well below stock M3 weight soon.

We will be racing the car in the Electric Class at Pikes Peak on Aug 12th, against the likes of Monster Tajima (in an electric car) and factory efforts from Mitsubishi and Toyota, so we're sort of the DIY garage under dog effort.