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Originally Posted by e92livin View Post
Weird I have had the same problem with my M3, i was launching it off of a red light and then all of a sudden that popping noise comes and then it doesnt move when i have it in gear anymore (6MT) so i took it to BMW they basically told me to screw off in different words because they did not want to eat the job, so now I have not driven my car in about 2 months and currently waiting on parts from BMW which are back order just my luck. Im surprised to see people having the same problem, I had to replace one axle shaft, diff housing and the rear muffler.
Wow, we should honestly make a class action suite against BMW. These bolts should not fail, I never heard of another car doing this minus e36 m3s. I've heard of many ppl breaking axles on other cars never diff bolts. A $500 axle vs $10,000 diff cause of bolts is just mind boggling.