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Originally Posted by karliejai View Post
for all people that has never worked in this industry before, theres a lot more behind the scene stuff that you dont see. It takes 1 - 2 hours to open and prepare for everything (the just in case you need it stuff) before the restaurant opens and clean up after your shit cause you are a messy eater and leave shit load of crumbs and stain all over the seat and table cloth. Dont want to leave a tip, maybe you should go to McDonald's or Burger King and get your own straws, ketchup, napkins, and throw out your shit when you are done eating or get take outs and clean up after yourself in your own home.

Dining out is an experience or rather, you dont want to deal with the hassles of preparing your food, spending time getting everything setup, cleaning up; basically, you are just trying to enjoy yourself and your company while SOMEONE else is doing the bitch work for you. SO PAY THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE. Here in America, the price on the menu is the price for the FOOD only. The server gets no part of that. It all goes to the owner.

TIPS also stands for "to insure proper/promptness service." Some old school diners would slip you a $20 or whatever to the server when they arrive at the restaurant just so they let the server knows they are here to enjoy themselves and please provide a pleasant dinning experience. So FOR YOU PEOPLE next time you want to be a big boy baller and dine with your $200 steak dinner, BE A BIG BOY BALLER AND PAY THE BIG BOY TIP. I am in no way against spending money if you got them but i am sick of people bitching about the standard of 15% to 20% tips when they are dropping hundreds on dinner. On the other hand, if the service is lacking due to the SERVER's fault, then you can adjust your tips according but it has to be a pretty big fuckup for you to leave a big fat ZERO on tips.

The ONLY time ive left a big fat zero or even less than 10% was when the server completely forgot to put in my girlfriend's order in and when it finally came out, it wasnt what she ordered and no apologies or damage control was given. In that situation, the server is at 100% fault, forgot orders, messed up orders and didnt get a manager or anything to acknowledge the error to touch up on the situation. Hey i understand that shit happens, we all make mistakes but at least show me you are trying to fix it or attempted to wouldve helped the outcome.
Let me get this straight. Anyone looking to make a "living" and whom choose the waitressing industry are now extra dependants for everyone walking in through the door? Opening an closing a restaurant is not typical for servers, those are managerial positions. And cleaning "bread crumbs" is not a job that warrants making 20% on everyone's tab. I'd rather give money to the dish washer if we were truly tipping for who does the more dirtier work.

That being said, I tip 10-15% regularly. So about an extra 22-27. As for the menu just being the price of the food... sometimes after adding an extra 25% to my bill, I find myself thinking the actual "pasta" wasn't worth that much. But to each his own.