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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Ok, thank you.

So what is it about another AMP that you think might help my situation?

And can you please explain to me how I can use my multimeter to check how many volts are coming out of the sub lines off your harness. It appears I can easily get to the output wires of the subwoofers by simply disconnecting the harness that either keeps them on, or with the extra included adapter your haness comes with will allow you to power them from another amp. I just dont know what setting on my multimeter to use to see what volts are coming out of my amp. Im just curious to see if my amp is pushing more volts than the 40v spikes they typically send out.

And not sure if I ever mentioned this... But I pulled power and ground to the LC2i directly off the AMP. I literally shoved the 12V wire from the LC2i into the AMP. And I did the same thing with the negative. The AMP has much larger wires going into it, but had enough room the AMP's input port holes to accommodate the thin wires that came off the LC2i. Could that have caused the LC2i any issues? I don't see why it would, but I'm no electrical engineer.

Sorry for all the questions. But this just doesn't make any sense why MINE appears to be the only one with issues.

Thank you.
- Record some 30Hz to 50Hz tones of about a minute in duration in a CD. There are several free MP3 tone generators in the Internetz.

- Set multimeter to VAC with a 50V range

- Play the CD and increase the volume until the output is maxed out or voltage exceeds 30V, whichever is first.

- That will be the output voltage of the OEM amp woofer outputs at the lowest frequencies/most power required.

Check again the LC2i settings, paying the most attention to this LC2i manual note:

Turn the AccuBASS™ Level control fully down, rotate the threshold control fully clockwise to lock in the bass equalization. Now you can turn up the AccuBASS™ Level control for the amount of bass you want.
I would suggest setting the iDrive OEM Bass adjustment and EQ bands to mid level or even less and then boost the bass using the AccuBass level control only if required. Just set the threshold control fully clockwise.

Make sure that you install a 1A fuse on both the LC2i 12V and the remote in (OEM remote signal). Messing around these devices can provoke a short circuit. And once the OEM remote signal is gone, it will be gone from your CIC...