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Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
A picture my friend took
It's a shame that person doesnt post on myg37, i would make fun of them. It's gotten to the point over there I point out every little thing I hate about a persons car who posts pics. It angers me at the amount of people who flaunt fake parts over there.

And about the guy who revs his g37 in park..... it doesn't go over 3.5k rpm in park... idiotic to rev your motor. Only time I have ever revved my motor on my g37x sedan was when someone would ask me so they could hear the Meisterschaft. Heck, I'm having trouble selling that over on the forums because it is "too expensive" even at 50% of what I paid for it brand new and used it only for 2k miles. They would rather buy the ripoff exhaust made by ARK.