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jworms, we all belong to a fairly elite club of auto enthusiasts. Even though there are things about the M3 I don't like (styling, comfort, crappy manual shifts, offset location of pedals) I still appreciate it for the excellent car that it is. I've run with some nice E46 M3's at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen on track days, and have driven one on the track. They are fun impressive cars. The new M3 has been criticized as not being as raw as the E46. I actually think that once it arrives, you'll find that it's a different type of raw that will grow on people. The RS4 had a pretty rough going of it when it arrived too.

I'll follow along on this board from time to time, because I appreciate the M3. And when people make stupid statements about Audi's, I'll probably correct them about that and have people pissed off at me.