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M3 Rolling Shot

It was a foggy morning, 5:30am when I drove up to Irvine from San Diego CA for Cars and Coffee, a gathering of cars and enthusiasts in a large parking lot with catering and well, coffee...I didn't know how long they have been doing it or where it was, I had read about it in forums and a friend recommended it, so, there I went.

I arrived around 6:30 after washing and detailing my E92 MR M3 so I could more or less park in there along many beautiful cars from Volkswagen Beetles to Lamborghini Aventador's and a pristine Ford GT 40's. I was a bit nervous and wondering if my car even qualified to be in there, to my amazement it got a lot of compliments, pictures and questions.

What a treat, being around so many nut jobs like me, walking around and drooling over the incredible cars. In awe of the new and respect for the old.
A few walks around the many aisles of the large parking lot, congregations of Ferraris, BMW's, Porsche, Mercedes, all kinds, all makes, only to walk back back to see who checks out or photographs your car.

Another cup of coffee, the sun barely up, not burning the fog yet. great moments, great people, great cars.

There was a group drive back to San Diego to an open house that HRE Wheels catered in Vista, about 80 miles south of were we were. The sound of 30 cars weaving and reving was pure music, powerful. Leading the group in numbers were various M3's some GTR's, a lonely GT3 RS's , a fully Dinan clad E60 M5 that made everyone else sound like an electric car, all driving together, commanding the Interstate 5. Bliss.

There was one picture by David Coyne that needs no words.

Thanks David !!
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