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My stop sign ticket

So this year hasn't really been the best as far as tickets go, for me at least. 3 tickets within half a year.

I just recently won a stop sign ticket via Traffic Ticket Pro's and wanted to give them a shout out for anyone local. They were very professional and saved me from a lot of courthouse stress.

They are active in a lot of MFest, MClub, and BFest events so it helped to be able to discuss my case with them in person.

By no means is this the only solution for contesting a ticket. I've had 50/50 winning tickets via a written dec., and also have lost going to court myself. Going to court and fighting it yourself is probably one of the most stressful things I've done. First of all, getting a parking ticket while at court is shitty. Why is there a 1 hour meter limit when they KNOW everyone at court moves at snail pace? From having to take time of work and dealing with the paperwork, it's not worth it for some people. And I still lost.

Anyway, if you don't want to contest your own ticket, Nick/Mona at Traffic Ticket Pros really made the entire process seamless. I only had to send over one document and they took care of everything else. Filing the necessary paper work, going to trial, and creating a defense case. That's a in my book. Give them a chance if you don't want fight your own ticket next time.