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Originally Posted by iveman89 View Post
Hey guys need some help with a car. My mothers car has had string of bad luck and this new problem is probably the worst.

quick info

car is 06 530i sport package 57,xxx mi

through out the cars life, it's been taken to BMW for new radio system, ecu(BMW had the car for 29 day), sensors, and now the car threw a new code. possibly camshaft or solenoids. I am not there so I Don't have the lastest information. I hope its just a failed senor.

I am trying to understand California Lemon Law, but is it only effective before 18 months or 18000 miles? To those who have had serious problems with your cars, what did you do? If anyone has any recommendations or advice it would be great. This really sucks when you buy a luxury car and it gives out 57000 mi. We have already been told to trade it in.
Sorry man but that car is way too old for a lemon law. Its 6 years old. I know it sucks, but I don't think there is anything that can be done aside from contacting BMWNA and letting them know about the cars issues.