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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
I think a simulation is a simulation and while it can provide an accurate estimate to the numbers of performance it can't estimate the experience. It's fun to compare an uber sports coupe to a middle engine super sportscar on paper and even more fun to compare them on a track, but in reality they don't compare. Even if the M3 can keep up with a 50k dollar plus sportscar from Audi I think I would rather be in the Audi with monetary issue out of the picture. If you deny this logical then you are essentially saying a 24k dollar civic si, with mods, is a better buy than a M3 if it can keep up with the new M.
hmmm...for designers simulations are an essential tools for performing sensitivity analysis and predicting the performance of alternatives to see if requirements are met and so. for the rest of us, poking around a simulation package is simply entertaining, and even educational. at the very least, it seems to serve as a relevant tool on this forum to seed good discussion. and that's great.