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Like these cast Rota wheels???

3 out of 5 rotas cracked on this 8 day event.

I ran with a set of forged rims made by HRE. I didn't bring a spare. didn't need to.
I didn't say anything about Rota. There are some cast wheels where the quality is unquestioned and I would take over any forged wheel besides HRE, BBS, Rays.
MMR Wheels, Enkei and TSW have been making wheels before many of you were born. MMR have making OEM wheels a long time and the last 20 years they got into the aftermarket industry. Enkei and TSW have been around long and have been used by many racing teams. I would love if any of these companies made multipiece wheels. Actually, TSW does make some multipiece wheels for specific applications. There are Mandrus for Benz and Beyern Wheels for BMW.
Vossen is also a cast wheel I would trust completely. I know people in the industry who say it's one of the very best made wheels out there. They back it up with a 5 year warranty. Who else does that?

Cast wheels are not inferior. They are just a little heavier.....which means nothing if you're not racing for money.