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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
I think a simulation is a simulation and while it can provide an accurate estimate to the numbers of performance it can't estimate the experience. It's fun to compare an uber sports coupe to a middle engine super sportscar on paper and even more fun to compare them on a track, but in reality they don't compare. Even if the M3 can keep up with a 50k dollar plus sportscar from Audi I think I would rather be in the Audi with monetary issue out of the picture. If you deny this logical then you are essentially saying a 24k dollar civic si, with mods, is a better buy than a M3 if it can keep up with the new M.
I agree, there are some things almost intagible and sublime about some cars. You can not reduce a car to a set of numbers. However comparing a E92 M3 to an Audi R8 is abit more reasonable/justified than comparing a seriosuly modded $20k economy car to a true sports or GT car. The Audi R8 is a wonderful car with very impressive performance. For me is comes down to AWD, the looks and the price - I don't like any of them.