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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
"cannot keep up production" this is bs. The true reason has to be west coast dealers hate ED and found a way to pressure bmw Euro to come up with a lame excuse to stop it.
They think they can recuperate ED customers as us delivery. It won't happen. Meanwhile Audi still has ED.
This has always been the situation with ED - most times the cars do not come out of the dealer's allocation, BUT the dealer also doesn't get to count the car for much in the all-important BMW-provided post-sales incentive payments to dealerships (which are based on a bunch of factors, including car sales). BMW AG runs the program because it seems to boost owner loyalty a lot. But the difference between ED invoice and Domestic invoice is mostly in the form of cash dealers don't get on ED sales.

But for some popular cars, many of the allocations wind up coming out of the dealer's allocation, so if it costs the dealer an allocation slot for a model they have extra demand for, they will probably want more over invoice for it. Ballpark, I would expect to see prices $700-$1,000 over domestic invoice, even though it's an ED. Maybe less if you're a repeat customer.