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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
servers don't leave with nothing at the end of the night but $2.15 an hour definitely doesn't cut it.
if they didn't suck at serving, they would get a decent tip.

i tip well and appropriately to the level of service i receive. if a burger isn't medium well, thats not the server's fault, they didn't cook it themselves. if there isn't the side of bearnaise sauce like i ordered it with, and i have to remind them, thats sh*t service.
i should never have to ask for utensils. ever. thats just basic stuff.

i've worked my share of crap jobs- without tips.

the 'ol two $5's and a $10 trick is simply leveraging. i can think of a lot of other situations where if i felt like i was being leveraged, i would tell the person to hump a beehive. i don't see how servers are any different when they are trying to guilt money out of my pockets.