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Originally Posted by Dgarcia41982 View Post
So I'm going to be in the market in the upcoming months for a new vehicle to share space in the garage with my ///M. It must be an suv. Ill be trading my 2006 nissan frontier in for hopefully the srt8. That vehicle is just calling to me. I know it has terrible mpg but i don't really care. The only thing Im wondering is if there are any Suvs out there ballsier then this beast that I'm overlooking. I briefly thought about the trailblazer ss but the latest model is 09 and it seems a bit small. plus i passed one today(srt8) on the way home and that engine note was just I think that jeep will compliment the ///M very nicely. Thoughts?
I'm a big fan of the SRT-8 but the 5 speed auto is what gets me. They are supposedly putting an 8 speed auto in the future which I'm guessing will improve performance as well as MPG.