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Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
I found a WIN!

I recently purchased and downloaded the tune by Velos Designwerks. As always Omar has provided excellent service getting me the handheld, the quick turnaround, and my BBK (whole other story)!

Instantly I felt my car was much smoother and quieter in the cabin. However, I was not able to push the car the first day since I didn't get to drive too much or far .

Second day, got my chance! I drive my car in D5 with the power on and the improvement is quite significant. I shall list out everything I can: More power, smoother throttle, more responsive throttle, more responsive engine, and smoother sounding car.

Pulling on the freeway felt way stronger that before and for Daily driving I feel the throttle is silky smooth and easier to modulate. I hit 85 before I even realized it and sooner than I was used to. Flooring in D5 I can feel a much smoother power delivery; no bad jerking. This make freeway passing easier.

With M mode (Programmed to S5, sport+, etc), the real fun begins when I can keep the gears longer myself and during my small section of road near my house, I was hitting higher speeds sooner. No more sluggish feeling (and I drive an E93!)

I knew this tune was good after talking to Omar, but it definitely beat my expectations!

Once again amazing service and products from the guys at Velos Designwerks!

Some notes: I got cold start removed (smoother starts and the needle doesn't bounce around, just slowly comes down. Way quieter too) and cat delete. So far so amazing!
Enjoy in good health my friend!
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