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Waiter got what he deserved to be honest. He should have realized that when you have him the $20, that a 20% top is only $4 and gave you change to represent that. It's simple math skills that anyone could figure out.

More times than not I usually end up with the crappy server who comes to your table to take your order and give you food only (half the time the waiter/waittress isn't the one to hand it off). I, like most people, when they go to a restaurant expect you to come around to see if anyone needs something else to drink. I shouldn't have to flag you down or ask another person there to get you, it is your job to do that.

I understand that sometimes (not all the time) the waiter/waittress makes that smaller minimum wage, but do you tip someone at a fast food restaraunt for doing the same thing? How about the guy who hands you a slice of pizza at a pizzaria? How about the person at the italian ice place who takes your order and gets it?

In HS I worked at an ice cream shop, I never expected tips. I did the equivalent if not more than a waiter, yet I don't get tipped.

A perfect example of someone who doesn't deserve to get tipped would be the waittress at Applebee's the last time I went. It was a group of us, and out of all the people there she decides to forget to bring me my drink. She doesn't come back to the table till she gives us our food. Even when she would walk by in between the time when she gave everyone their drink except me, I started saying "I sure am thirsty" everytime she walked by. I ended up walking to the bar and getting my own drink. Also in between the time she took our order and gave us our food, she got into a yelling match with a customer who also didn't receive his drink the entire time there. The guy ended up leaving because she almost got physical with the man's wife/gf. When the check eventually came, I saw she tried to charge us for the drink and I called her out on it. She then started arguing with me saying I was lying (really, I'm going to lie about one soda on a bill over $200). She ended up not getting tipped at all in the end.

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