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Originally Posted by MrFukengruven View Post
1:21's in the novice group? Well done!
Thanks, i have plenty experience with track so i think i should have gone intermediate but novice group was empty so it felt like i had my private event. Also my brake fluid was stock, and i had brake issues last month, and old PS2's , made me stick with that group. I was lifting off of the gas on the main straight and the area from turn 7 till end of turn 9, to conserve tires and brakes. If not, my instructor said i would be running low 1:20s. The brakes faded anyway. so i kind of feel stupid, if they were going to fade, i should have just pushed it all the way
anyway for VIR i am definitely getting new pads and fluid.
The brake problem a month ago, during a routine drive to work had decreased my confidence on them

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