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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Which track specials? The E30 Evo? Not sold here. M3 LTW? Sold for one year with the punched-out 325i engine, but wonder of wonders they're "hand picked" from all the other engines so you're guaranteed to get the best-performing punched-out 325i engine possible. At least it was lighter. FOR ONE MODEL YEAR, and oh by the way PTG were the ones who did final assembly, not BMW M. The E46? CSL wasn't sold here, maybe he's upset because the E46 Competition Package was such a huge improvement with its mouse-fur cruise-control delete steering wheel and wheels from a model we can't get here. What, exactly, was so much better 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago in the US? M cars were still heavier and just as or more cushy than the base cars, M cars were still not up to prolonged track duty without improvements, M cars were still higher-performing STREET CARS and they always have been.

People are such goddamned whiners it's unbelievable.

I don't get hung up on names, special edition status or any other mystical touchy feely things. This time BMW allows us to get a super cool color, cloth seats, all the M performance goodies all for the MSRP cost of all these options. Why whine about it, if you've ever wanted an orange M, jump on this.

And BTW, the M performance goodies are why you cannot do ED on it, they must be installed at the dealer and so BMW couldn't deliver a decontented car in Munich. Which is a major bummer, because otherwise I may have bought one.

I mean, the chance of driving an orange stick shift car on the Ring, that would be to die for!

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