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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
Mr 5 got Kurt all riled up

The stock LS2 motor is one hell of a good starting point. Honestly I'd rather have one of them under the hood of my 335 than the N54. More tuneable (is that a word?) and better gas mileage as well as being cheaper to mod and repair. Yes the twin turbo 6 is a great motor, but for the money the LS2 is great. It might weigh less than the N54 too??

Honestly, this is a good looking car! However its not stock, I believe it has a complete Holden front end.

and sounds damned good too! V8 rumble FTW baby!
Thanks Sniz, saw your link to this on Swedespeed, but you posted Doc's car not mine. It's ok, in that picture he has my wheels on. BTW, you all don't want to race his GTO. Doc GTO vs. 600 rwhp Cobra

The 335i is an amazing machine. Truely will be the tuner's choice for BMW's. Hoping to see one of you guys swap turbo's. I considered buying the 335i after my Volvo S60R but I wanted something a bit cheaper to mod and track. Really hoping to see one up at Roebling one of these days.

Here a few shots I took this weekend of my GTO. Have not taken it to the strip but I am expecting around mid 12's. The car dyno'ed 405 rwhp when it was 105 degrees outside and came right off the street. Good conditions should see closer to 430 rwhp.