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Subaru BRZ (2012-on) - 5 star ANCAP safety rating

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Having owned a Miata, a CRX and extensively driven a friend's Exige, I can say that light is great, but there's also nearly always a lack of solidity that comes from that lightness. I think the Toyobaru is okay with it's current weight, it just needs more power.
As you can see the lightness of the Toyobaru is NOT achieved at the expense of structural rigidity.

The design now incorporates 54% high-tensile strength steel when compared to only 45% of a MY10 Impreza. The following color areas use 980-MPa or higher grade sheet steel - the main advantage of using this material is of course its light weight - while in the rest of the frame the thickness has been reduced around the body wherever possible by strategical use of 590-MPa grade sheet steel (in red, first picture) so the position of the seat could be lowered.

This frame design allows any forces acting on the front of the body to be passed through to the rest of the car. The Toyobaru's crash test result just seems to confirm all of these. (I don't think a Miata could ever match that )

So, we have the perfect platform to increase the boxer engine's torque by 50 lb-ft, from 151 lb-ft to 201 lb-ft. The only thing that is missing IS a turbo.

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