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Originally Posted by Tracus View Post
First, that is not a German dealer.

Second, driving straight from Aveiro to Munchen you have 1800 km. If you did the 2000km service inspection in Munchen, that was not a used car. But the pictures show different.

If you push it, I can find the whole history of the car, not to mention that some posts of yours show different things, including lies about location.

You are a very lousy LIAR. You know, it takes intelligence and a good memory to be a god liar, and even then you will be caught.

Probably is a good ideea to take your troll thread and leave...
Signed, sealed, delivered.........owned!

Great detective work Tracus! Shined the light on his BS for all to see. I dont know what this shills motivation is for this uber long, boring thread about a mediocre performing car is but funny as hell that you nailed him to the wall and he cant wiggle out of the bullshit web he weaved.