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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Way off man. All it takes is turner test pipes/cat delete, stock exhaust/xpipe is fine for power it is the cats that drain power.

Race fuel for octane 95 will allow 10-20 more hp

probably good for 30-40 hp.

A drop in filter for 100 bucks maybe for 5hp but do not need an intake.

Pulley if you want but for 5 hp not worth the trouble.

Delete your cats, add some race gas and put in a BMc filter and you will have 30whp extra on tap. Should be enough to hang iwth a non powerpacknon tuned c63
All good until the C63 owner spends the same amount of money tuning his car. No use comparing stock to modded. We all know a Civic can be modded to blow an M3 off the road.

At this overall level of car and performance, it is really all subjective in terms of what you want. Anyone who bought an M3 could have bought a C63 is that's what we were looking for.
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