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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Did you guys get everything installed?
Yes, we finally got it installed after a few minor changes to the setup.
Because we're running this car lower than what's really "recommended", we had to change the front springs as well as run a bump stop in the front for insurance purposes.

Got it all corner weighted and aligned and then headed to Laguna Seca the next day. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the RD bars in time so we're not currently running them. May still go that route as I believe they will benefit this setup on track with these spring rates.
These springs feel a little light on track, but certainly enough for the street, which is where this car will be 80+% of the time.

The adjustability of the RS1's is amazing. You can go from darn near Cadillac ride to Cup car in a matter of turns. I may be exaggerating a tad, but the difference is dramatic... even with 550/800 springs.

I didn't push the car really hard on track, but towards the end of the day I picked up the pace and the car felt so well balanced. Ran the fronts at 15 clicks, rears at 17 and never felt the need to adjust.
Currently running 13 clicks front, 15 clicks rear on the street and the car feels firm yet compliant. These RS1's really do suck up the bumps well.

Overall we're very happy with this setup. It's very streetable yet leagues ahead of the old EDC setup. In all fairness to the GC EDC kit we had, we were simply out of travel due to how low the car was sitting (something I fear is the case with how most of the EDC kits out there are being used).

Many thanks to those that helped!
- once again to James and crew at Bimmerworld, who despite being on the road, continued to support our efforts
- also, a big thank you to GC for modifying our camber plates to accommodate the new 2.25" ID springs and turning them so quickly
- and to Tom at EAS for supplying the Macht Schnell EDC module

Here are a few pics, crappy iphone pics included, sorry.
You'll notice the corner weighting was done with our street wheel/tire setup instead of the track setup since this is how the car will be driven the vast majority of the time.