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Originally Posted by tlp View Post
I understand your frustration. Mufflers get damaged during shipping all of the time. The damage that you have is completely reversible and will not affect the performance or aesthetics of the muffler. The bent tab is just a ground strap that probably stay "as is" or it could be bent back to the shape. The pipe itself can be easily bent back to shape with some pliers or a vise grip. You can go through the hassle of getting another one but there is the risk that that will receive damage as well even if its reinforced. Just my .02c.

+1; while it sucks I have never had any issues with Tishcer and have bought ALOT of stuff from them. But really, it probaly took longer to make this post, when you could've put the muffler on. As the other guy said I wouldn't worry about the bent ground strap bracket as it'll work fine. The bent connecting pipe is not too bad either. I know it sucks to spend $$ and have shit happen, but that's just it, shit happens.

At least you're able to afford an M and a 3k muffler!