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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
The raptor is actually not really fast at all. Its purpose is a lot different than prior lightnings or svt trucks. It was purposely built as an off the shelf off road truck that can take an absolute beating off road.

In on road performance it is WAY slower than any of the suv's mentioned. 0-60 in the high 7's etc.

Different purpose than prior svt vehicles. I enjoyed the years of the ford lightning's much more which were on-road performance trucks which are even more ludicrous in terms of making sense but I loved it!
That's why a Hennessey tuned Raptor would be the ticket.

I'm losing my 2012 Raptor to the big D but hopefully can buy a Hennessey2013 when they arrive. They're great dd s, except for the gas mileage.

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