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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Things are watering down in everything in fact, not only in cars; in music, in literature, in cinema, just name it. There is no denying that while the technology is progressing we are also not passing through a time of genuine innovation and creativity.
I agree if you add "off the shelf mass market" to your point.

Ever listen to a Starbucks order? Do you mod your car? How's BMW's Individual doing?

These days we don't want the same thing as the next guy, we want the same production thing to customize. We're hobbyists. Even with lattes.

Which brings up another point: I'm not a race car driver

I know.

But if I was ... you what I wouldn't do? Buy a mass produced luxury car with leather, A/C, and bluetooth. That comes with European delivery.

I haven't checked into it, but is that how F1s are delivered?

More on that here:
My ill thought-through rant:

Mr Caswell doth protest too much: if he wants a race car then he should build one; Don't whine because BMW's 21st century mass market production factory won't do it for you... really?

Does any serious race car driver buy a factory built car with A/C, stereo, and leather interior and head to the track matrix?

As to "M used to mean something":
Uhhhh... You mean your poseur ass used to like the brand, I.e., the marketing? But now you dont because it's not quite poseur enough so you're calling people who like a fast factory luxury car poseurs?

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

I Have a e93 and before that an S4. I never tracked the S4 and won't the e93. Sometimes i care about its fanciness but usually I don't. I just like my luxury cars fast and wicked sounding. I like scaring myself on the way to work. I like being able to pass anybody anytime and corner better and brake faster. If I appreciated the cool looks more I'd probably buy the orange thing but I don't so I have Jerez black. I do like my 2 tone interior though. I also like the engineering. I'd buy a koenigsegg if I wasnt too lazy to make a few mil.

Grow up Mr Caswell, and realize who you are ... I have*

(*except in those moments at wide open throttle when i get slight air coming off the freeway entry ramp and giggle like a little girl ... Or that killer sweeper freeway exit s-turn when I downsift to 3rd ... Or ...)
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