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Originally Posted by JRV View Post
I am not going to bash you but i will say this. I know how you feel. You know why? The first time i drove an E9X M3 was when I had my 335i and I thought exactly the same thing....whats the big deal with this car? the steering feels better o the 335i, i felt more connected to the ground with it..yadayada. It wasnt until I drove the second time around without any time limit and i got to know the car and knew what to look for when playing with the M settings. Now i drive any car, a Honda, the 335i or the C300 and the M is ahead of the game. While all the other cars feel quick and smooth and handle pretty well, there is something TOTALLY different with the M's driving characteristic. It seems endless and its when you really push it, is when you feel how solid the chassis is, how much more the engine wants to rev without feeling "slow" or "sluggish" from whomping on it. Then theres the handling, once you get the settings you like, it really gives you confidence that the 3 series just cant offer.
i had a 335 and there is no comparison. the M3 is totally superior in every category. the 335 was a fast car right up until that fuel pump went and went and went and went.