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Update!!! ALMS Lime Rock in Photos: Inside BMW Team RLL - more pictures added.

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I attended ALMS race at Lime Rock last weekend as a BMW guest. While its not the most spectacular track, it was still a great event. BMW was a great host! Reserved parking, lunch, exclusive access to the team, garage tour, pit tour (during the race), and much more...

Dont want to annoy anyone with the long writeup, instead, just some highlights and pictures.

- Hot lap around the track in a stock M3: that was awesome! The car performs great when pushed to and past the limit. I specifically asked the driver to push the car and he did! Drifting around the corners at 70mph is a great experience - highly recommend!

- Access to the team: garage tour to include the trucks, bunch of memorabilia signed by the team

- Pit tour: this one deserves its own line. First, I had to wear same coveralls like the drivers in order to access the pit. Tour itself was during the race, so I got to see the team in action to include 2 pit stops. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

- Jorg Muller and Dirk Muller: both were BMW drivers in last year's 24 hour Nurburgring race. I'm sure most of you might remember the documentary about it: 24 hours. One team. One target. Jorg and Dirk signed the DVD for me


Additional pictures are in the follow-up post #23 due to limit on attachments
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