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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I did not expect that passive LOC to last long.

The only suggestion that I can think of is to get either a 2-channel amp or to replace the Kenwood with an XD500/3 and power the underseat woofers as well. Put back the LC2i and let the OEM amp be free from any current load. Then set the LC2i to boost the bass instead of the iDrive/OEM amp.

The idea is to run the OEM amp woofer outputs as low as voltage peaks as possible. I only know of one forum member with a '12 EPS system with an LC2i without problems. It could be possible that your OEM amp is #5 at least in update since 2008, having different woofer outputs specs.
Are you referring to me?
I've had zero issues with my lc2i (touchwood)
Should I take a picture of my knob settings?
Maybe people are boosting some things too much and putting too much load on the lc2is?