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July 14, 2012 ///M Flight had a chance to visit Manhart Racing Zentrale in Wuppertal, Germany during their open house. We rolled out of Kaiserslautern seven cars deep at around 0730 and spent about 3.5hrs due to traffic and the weather traveling only 190miles (mind you this is Germany and with their autobahns it should be no more than 2 hrs). We were met at the location by another 8 ///M Flight members from other parts of Germany. The weather as can be seen in the pictures was not the greatest, but we still enjoyed ourselves. It would rain profusely, and then sun would come out, and then rain and shine on and on throughout the day. ///M Flight meet at Manhart Racing was pre-arranged by our Club President Hans, so we had our own secure parking in the back of the facility. This is Manhart's new facility that they moved to not too long ago. I have to admit that it is state-of-the art compared to the G-Power "barn" that ///M Flight visited about 2 years ago. I think G-Power could take a trip to Manhart and see how it's done. We started our tour at around 1100, making our way through the bays/maintenance area down to the main showroom.

They had some interesting cars there and you can see them in the pictures. There was also lots of Manhart customers' cars coming in and out. Some noteworthy are the 1M in what seems to be Java Green (not sure if paint or wrap since it rained and I didn't feel like coming out to check it closer), E91 335 converted into E91 M3 body, E21 race car being built with the E9X M3 V8 engine, E30 M3 with the V8 transplant, E92 M3 MH-3 Biturbo, and few others you see in the pics. Of course F10 M5 and 1M done by Manhart were there too. They are also working on a wide body E92 M3.

Manhart Racing rep greeted everyone at around 1330 and gave special attention to ///M Flight by introducing the Club President Hans Trower and the ///M Flight Club. Hans thanked Manhart Racing for hosting us and gave a small speech. Following it, the rep gave a short brief on Manhart and introduced owner of the E93 M3, which was the highlight of the afternoon. This E93 M3 with the X6M transplant is sporting hearty 680hp. This car originally had the G-Power SKII supercharger on the M3 V8, but the owner Patrick (///M Flight member by the way), wanted to do something else and had Manhart Racing put in a twin turbo V8 with some extras and tuning.

Ok enough yapping, here are the pictures.
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