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OEM Exhaust Mod Feeler

I just finished my OEM exhaust mod. I couldn't be happier with the results.
I didnt take any pictures of the process like a dummy so i plan on doing it again to post the pictures and show the different way i went about doing it.
Unlike the other threads that replace whole pipes or covering them with bigger pipes. I bought Stainless steel foil from grainger and wrapped each pipe, tacked them, secured them with stainless steel ties and tacked those too. it might sound like the cheap way out to some but when you hear the results, and see what it looks like it clearly is not.

Because my exhaust came out so great I plan to start making the exhausts and selling them for a reasonable price. I am in the New York tristate area and are at all interested let me know. I also will be willing to install and paint the exhausts for a little extra. I will lower the price a lot if i take your stock exhaust to keep the "business" going, somewhat like a core charge.

As of right now this idea is just a feeler to see what people think. I also understand that it is hard to trust this way of doing the mod with out pictures or videos but i will post them very soon.
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