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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Yet the E30 still has the best resale of any M3
If you can find one in excellent condition with low miles
It's worth more than sticker back when it was new
A lot more

Find me another BMW that has such good resale
If I'm not mistaken, the E30 was released in 1982 which, today, would, of course, make it a 30 year old car.

It's my opinion that any low mileage 30 year old car in excellent condition is going to be worth more than it's original sticker price - just on the basis of inflation alone. How much more, as you point out, is the question. That, I think, will be determined , in a manner of speaking, by what recognitions, distinctions and honors the car earns as it grows through it's youth. The E90/2/3 series, has, I think, earned quite a few of those. My guess is the car is on a trajectory to be a valuable item in 30 years. Keeping it at a low mileage would be the biggest challenge