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Thank you for many comments!

Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
B42, as you've decided, it's not a good idea for you to use those wheels. The right side doesn't look too bad, but the left side is really questionable.

If you are unsuccessful returning the wheels and getting your money back, I would recommend that you measure the roundness and lateral run out of each replacement (for the ones you have now) wheel at both the inside and outside lip before mounting tires. With the 21" wheel size and what must be a very small sidewall tire, you've got a lot of factors working against a vibration free assembly (multi-piece wheel tolerances, large heavy wheel, almost no give in the tire sidewall, low tire weight compared to the wheel). As others have said, you would likely have better results with a high quality monoblock wheel such as a Neez or any wheel manufactured by Taneisya or Rays/Volk or any quality Japanese manufacturer for that matter.

Good luck to you.
Thanks for your advice, calintexas.
I have not used these wheels for a long time, and I have no intention of using them any more.

Originally Posted by Tony135 View Post
Alright guys, I have Jordan's official reply to this situation. Just to go over this quickly, we have never refused to give the customer his refund. We've cooperated with his every request and of course we have already sent him the refund which he requested publicly.
No, I don't get the refund yet.
I just got Jordan's offer of the refund.
I'm going to get the refund, but I have not remailed my answer to him yet.

Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Originally Posted by Tony135 View Post
I honestly don't know why this customer has all of a sudden decided to share this information as we've provided him with nothing but impeccable service since 2010. These wheels have been on his car for nearly, if not over a year now. Photos have been circulating the internet for months and he has given us nothing but positive feedback on them until now. This information is well documented in emails, even recently upon his latest report of this issue where we / I have been nothing but open to his every request.
I'll give you a hint: HE'S FED UP WITH YOUR BS! You didn't fix the issue, you sent him (unquestionably) unsafe wheels, and he's fed up with it.
Thanks M3PO!
That's perfectly right.

Jordan's comment is not true a little bit.
I want to tell you guys about it, but I don't have a time to write my comment right now.
I'm going to write it next week absolutely.

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