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Originally Posted by bikesbikes View Post
While I agree for the most part that the M brand has been "watered down" in recent years. All the blame can't be placed on the marketing people. Nobody has commented on the fact that auto racing has changed. The Ferrari F40, Jaguar XJ220 & McLaren F1 were all cars that were homologated in order to race in an FIA series. Sadly FIA GT1 no longer exists. So car companies pour money into what racing series they deem gets them the most bang for the buck.

I'm not a huge Nascar fan, but that used to be THE "race on Sunday sell on Monday" series. No one can argue that the Chevy's and Fords that race there now have nothing in common with the street cars.

Yes M cars are still great cars. (note how i said cars) No they're not street versions of race cars anymore. But what really is?!? Unless you have gobs of money to spend...

Just my two cents.
This is so true! Look what it was the McLaren F1 and what it is the MP4-12C nowadays or compare the hype the Ferrrari 599 GTO was able to generate vs. the F40 or Enzo in the past. Lamborghini Aventador is mighty but would you compare the "impact" of it with the Countach? Things are watering down in everything in fact, not only in cars; in music, in literature, in cinema, just name it. There is no denying that while the technology is progressing we are also not passing through a time of genuine innovation and creativity. BMW and M are just following the tides to survive maybe.