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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Maximus, care to give us a quick review of your new tripod and the Promote Control you bought?

Didnt took enough time to work with the promote control since I got a new job since beginning of june with pretty much unlimited overtime which pays too much to say no. But here we go.

The promote control is an amazing toy. Time lapse, up to 45 shots hdr and stacked focus are the most interesting features i've played with so far, but didnt make any decent shootings with it yet. I dont see myself carrying it with me all the time since you lose the shutterclick pleasure, but for home shooting or in controled conditions, it can be a powerful and creative tool.

The paintball season is ending in a month or so. So I should get my life back and resume enjoying my favorite hobby again. There's a fireworks contest in a couple weeks and I plan on bring both my cameras there. I want one fixed on a tripod to work with the promote in bulb hdr or bulb ramping and take usual shots in long esposure handheld with the other one.

As for the tripod, it really is worth every dollar. Sturdy, light, adjustable to every possible height from 6 inches to 6 feet. It actually feels nice to just having to get behind the camera when my older tripod asked me to litteraly bend over it. I am a tall guy and my old tripod was giving me serious neck pain. So I never use it. Every cheaper tripod i've looked at wasnt high enough. My old one was flinching even with a single mirror flip; very frustrating. It wasnt made for SLR; even if labeled as it was. The pistol grip is a very nice addition too. Very precise and very strong. I can put my 70-200, SB900 flash and battery grip on my camera and fix it on the tripod and handle the whole rig just with the pistol grip; it wont flinch. The latest version is made all metal to compensate the wear experienced on older models with time so its made to last. Now the grip is fixed horizontally on the tripod, but I want to try it in vertical mode too.

Its so lightweight, I fix it on the side of my backpack and litterally forget i'm carrying it. And its the same size as my backpack, so you dont get stuck anywhere just because you have it on your back.

Big expense, but I dont think I will ever need another tripod in my whole life. (unless something really bad happens)
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