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ADV EPIC Fail. Wake up.

This is an EPIC thread. While it may be true ADV's customer service is responsive (as ADV claims), apparently it's not good enough to solve the problem or the OP wouldn't be posting his detailed explanation. It's not exactly the best part of anyone's day to be showing how you were fooled on the quality of a high priced product.

While wheel manufacturing issues certainly do occur in volume, when you're paying over $6,000 - $8000 for a set, the resolution should be seamless and flawless the second time around (e.g. replacement wheel set). It's clear several attempts did not resolve the issue. There's no excuse for that. We get ADV refunded "quickly" at the end, but seriously, should it had even come to this point to begin with? Simply ridiculous for anyone to have to go through such an ordeal with a company claiming to sell a high-end / quality / precision product.

Made in the USA? maybe so, but ADV's execution is certainly tainting the meaning of it.

OP - put it behind you and hope you get another set of wheels worth your hard earned money.