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Originally Posted by ///Machine View Post
Yes, dealers have room to move the MF up and increase their margin. Exactly right, you have to negotiate. Information is the name of the game. Few people know the ongoing rates.

WRX, did you mean march 2011? I also got that deal in feb 2011 for a 2011 vert. Only the residual was 64%, the payment was crazy low. That deal is not around anymore. Try to get .00145 and you should be good.

BMW knows what to do to push certain cars (change residual/MF). I've seen it with M3s, 5 series GTs, 3 series, z4s. All that in the past year.

My guess to what might have happened is that at that time, the European instability had just started. The PIGS countries had no buyers and the rest of the EU was waiting to see what happens. BMW had to unload that production somewhere and keep factories running. Best choice to unload is USA where price elasticity is high and the consumer confidence was just picking up (albeit, the jobs situation was still uncertain).

Yea, I meant March of last year. It was such a sweet deal!