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Originally Posted by speedfreak81 View Post
Actually.....Matt aka "Sniz", a 335 owner sent me a PM on another bimmer board that I'm a member of pointing out this thread. I'm not here to strut my stuff as you say either. There seemed to be a bit of a misconception, and being a GTO owner, thought I could offer up some info coming from the other side of the fence. I have absolutely nothing against 335s or bimmers in general. In fact, I was contemplating buying a 335 at the end of this year, but got a deal on the GTO I just couldn't justify not jumping on. If you'll take a look at my sig, you'll see that I've owned many cars from many different manufacturers. I'm not a "Chevy guy" or a "Pontiac guy" per say....just a car enthusiast who enjoys each machine for what they are able to offer me.
Welcome to e90post! We need input from drivers of other cars. Thanks for the info! I have had 4 Camaro Z-28/SS in the past, and I'm a fan of the small block V-8.