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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post

I bought mine at FFX but I shopped around first and got quotes from different dealers. Then I got the lowest price and pitted them against each other. FFX best them all.

I'm willing to bet they can budge on the price. Also, Platinum doesn't cover everything. I have the platinum too. It is the most comprehensive, but it is an exclusionary warranty (which is good) and lists what is not covered. Items that are not covered can be found in a sample contract. Ask for one or read one of my earlier posts where I provided a link to m5board. It's posted in there. Powertrain warranty is the equivalent to a CPO warranty and only covers powertrain related items and engine components.

Who exactly did you talk to?
I spoke with Maryiam at FFX. She was trying to talk me into leasing a new M3 but I don't want to go through the hassle of selling my car. I think I will pay a visit to sterling and passport.