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Review: Auto Finesse Interior Line

I am very guilty of never really taking care of the interior of my car. It's ironic because I love maintaining the paint, but then I just get so lazy taking care of where I actually spend 99.99% of my time with this car.

So over the 11 years this car has been in our family, it has collected quite a bit of nasty dirt, scratches, stains, etc. In all honesty, it is no where near as bad as others I've seen, but still not up to the standard I hold for this car.

MartinD of Auto Finesse USA announced the release of their interior line. Being the big fan I am of everything else Auto Finesse, I had to give these a shot.

Auto Finesse Interior Line

Auto Finesse Total2
AF Total is defined as an interior all purpose cleaner. It is powerful enough to rid of most dirt and stains, but gentle enough to work on a diverse array of fabrics and upholstery. I decided to focus my use of this product on the floor carpet. Keep in mind the age of the car and that it is used 100% throughout the year. It sees salt, snow, mud, dirt, you name it! Over the decade, there has a been a slow build up of grime and has solidified rather strongly. Most of it is concentrated at the corners and primarily by the throttle. This job was asking for a lot of effort, so I honestly wasn't expecting a perfect result. My goal was to rid of most of the grime solidification, then save the rest for a steam cleaner. My workflow with AF Total was simply spray the area, agitate with an MF towel, then simply wipe off. In hindsight, I really wish I had a strong brush to really work out the dirt and let Total work to it's fuller potential. As you can see in the photos, AF Total did a rather good job with my limited tools in cleaning majority of the dirt! Sadly, there is still some very strongly bound dirt stuck to the carpet floor. No matter how much I sprayed on there and agitated it with a MF towel, it would not come loose. I figured that I would need a strong brush or use a steam cleaner. Overall though, I am still very impressed because it was really an effortless process for the results I got. This product will make maintaining an interior very easy! Lesson to learn, don't let dirt sit on your carpet floor for over a decade! Buy AF Total and simply wipe down your interior like it deserves.

Before: Passenger Side

After: Vacuum and AF Total

Auto Finesse Spritz
Auto Finesse Spritz was designed to be a quick and easy dash detail spray. What I was pleased about was how I could just spray at all over the dash and not worry about it damaging anything. It is advertised to be safe for different surfaces and even dials! Simply spray over the dash, spread with a MF towel, then wipe off. My dash honestly didn't look too dirty. After some very fast wipe downs, I couldn't have been any more wrong. The combination of the MF towel with AF Spritz made wiping off dust, markings, and stains incredibly quick! On top of that, it smells delicious with it's vanilla scent. What is most appreciated about this product is that it brought back a lot of vibrancy of the black dash without being oily or glossy like some other products.

50/50 of the corner of the dash

Before: Cup Holders

After: First pass with Spritz. I ended up going back to get the tighter crevices

Before: Glove Compartment

After: Glove Compartment

Before: Passenger Side Door

After: Passenger Side Door

Auto Finesse Hide Cleanser and Conditioner
This is a duo of maintaining one's leather. The Black Nappa Leather of my E46 is rather dry and cracked beyond what AF Hide could really handle. Truth is, I imagine that these two products were not designed to repair leather, but more so to keep it clean. Regardless, I found the combination to do a decent job of at least cleaning up the finish a bit. I wasn't expecting it to revive the life of the leather, but I wanted it to tidy up the seats a bit. In the following photo, you can ever so slightly see a 50/50 application of the two. I have full confidence that these two products will be great in maintaining one's good conditioned leather. This seems more suited for our newer E90 M3 rather than my E46 M3.

50/50 of Driver's Seat

I believe the full Auto Finesse Interior Line has a place in everyone's detailing arsenal. Looking back at things, I don't think my E46 M3 was the best subject to show what Auto Finesse's Interior Line really shines at. I see these products more so as a maintenance type of product rather a repair/corrective type. Sadly the neglect I bestowed my E46 M3 with has it's consequence. I highly recommend this for the majority of the people on this forum considering that most of us have fairly young and new cars. All of these products are more than qualified to handle majority of the interiors out there, my case was more than likely one of the extremes.

There is still a lot of work to be done to bring back my E46 M3 to showroom clean. If anyone has recommendations on how to get rid of solidified grime bound to my carpet or how to fix cracks in leather, please feel free to comment here!

Thank you once again to MartinD and Auto Finesse USA/UK. The unparalleled combination of enthusiastic customer service and product performance is what keeps me reeled in as a returning client. It's always a pleasure to pick up new products and give my cars an opportunity to look at their best.

I hope this may convince some of you to give these products a chance. They are well worth it! When I have more down time, I'll make sure to add more content to this thread, more specifically with how they cope with the Speed Cloth interior of our E90 M3.

Take care everyone!
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