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Best Financing Option For 2013 M3 Coupe?

So I'm finally about to order an M3 after many years of waiting and have a question about paying for my car.

I would like to own my car but I am getting a good rate (after 5k down) for a 36 month lease (approximately 800 a month).

Now the residual buyout comes out to about $41k at the end of the lease which is about $7k more than if I were to simply finance the car.

Now I know that the M3's are getting a complete overhaul in the later half of 2013, so I'm thinking the actual value of the car at lease end would be significantly lower than the $41K.

Would I be able to negotiate a buyout price much lower than the $41K?

Another option I have is BMW Select for 60 months which would end up costing me about $4K more than if I were to finance but I would again have lower monthly payments.

Only negative of this is that I will probably be stuck with a balloon payment that is much larger than the actual value of the car (especially with the new M3s).

I guess my main question is how much will the newly remodeled M3s depreciate the value of this last generation of M3s?

Also, any suggestions on how I should finance?